Celebrating National Parks

.NP 2016 Centennial Patch

National Parks Service is calling all 4th graders to act as important ambassadors during their centennial .celebration.  Click the link below to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Calling All 4th Graders

National Parks Service has an outstanding online program called WebRangers.  Join WebRangers and join in collaboration activities with classes in other states.

Become a WebRanger

We would like to introduce you to a National Park you may not know too well.  Perhaps, you may not know some of the parks at all.  We want you to learn about these special places, help spread the word about their magnificence, and join us in helping to preserve them for generations to come.  We are currently doing our research and preparing our presentations.  Please be patient as we work to get our presentations on the website. 

Click on the states below to learn more about National Parks.

Alabama               Illinois                  Montana                  Pennsylvania

Alaska                    Indiana                Nebraska                Rhode Island

Arizona                 Iowa                       Nevada                   South Carolina

Arkansas              Kansas                  New Hampshire    South Dakota

California             Kentucky              New Jersey            Tennessee

Colorado              Louisiana              New Mexico          Texas

Connecticut        Maine                     New York               Utah

Delaware             Maryland              North Carolina     Vermont

Florida                  Massachusetts    North Dakota      Virginia

Georgia                Michigan               Ohio                       Washington

Hawaii                 Minnesota            Oklahoma             West Virginia

Idaho                   Mississippi            Oregon                   Wisconsin

                              Missouri                                                 Wyoming